Thursday, January 21, 2010

Five Point Someone is about three college mates at
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi namely Hari,Ryan
and Alok.
Five Point is a grade given in the IIT for the
below average
students and ironically our three friends are
prone to this dubious distinction.
The IIT is supposed
to be the Mecca of engineering in India and thus has built
itself a studious and illustrious fa├žade.
Five Point
Someone deals with the simple Hari,the studious Alok and
the gallant Ryan.
The book deals with their capers at
the IIT .
Hari’s love interest Neha is the factor
responsible for the biggest caper of them all.
The book
is a racy one and it has a unique novelty wherein these
characters speak for themselves, their own point of view,
which actually gives the reader a more profound insight
into their character and due credit to the author for this
wonderful encore.
The story has an Indian backdrop and
thus is germane to the customs and the orthodox
environments prevalent over here with respect to love and
The story also includes a “ villain” called
Professor Cherian and many more details will unravel once
this book is read in its entirety about this “villain” and
the shenanigans of our three friends.
This book is a
must read for its sheer simplicity and it’s nearness to
realistic portrayal of the common man nay the common IIT
The end cannot be divulged out here lest the
essence of the actual reading is lost but one thing is
certain and that is never a disappointed eye will leave and
never a disgruntled reader will complain.
A rage in
India at present and just an abstract away from an
international bestseller!


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